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How to survive a long-haul Train Journey in India


Train Journey in India is one of the most exciting and adventurous journeys one can experience. Train journeys tend to be long and for a good duration. When it comes to travelling in trains, I am very particular about how I keep myself entertained and sane at the same time. Hence, I thought of sharing my ‘gyaan’ with all you lovely travellers.

If you are the kind who gets bored during travels, then trust me you are not doing it right. I compiled a list of the many things that I during my long-haul train journeys.

Train Journey in India

Sunset | Image Credits: InToday – Media Website


Here’s your ultimate survival guide for an amazing Train Journey in India:

  • MP3 / IPods/ Music Players / JBLs:
    This is my most favourite part of travelling. I love to keep it playful and quirky. My Music list consists of a number of Indie Pop, R&B, Pop Songs, Rap, Punjabi and EDMs. I cannot stay an hour without music, that’s the kind of person I am. So, hoard all your favourite artists, cause its time for your own concert.


  • Window Stalking:
    If you are lucky enough to grab a window seat, make the most of it. Many people love to gaze through the infinite greens, far stretches of lands, city-scapes, serene waters and picturesque locations. Trust me when I say, India will let you have it all. Make the most of your window stalking game and don’t forget to keep a camera handy.


Maharaja Express | Image Credits: The Maharajas.

Maharaja Express | Image Credits: The Maharajas.


  • Train-Walk:
    Walk through the compartments as you meet and greet locals and passengers alike and hear the children giggle, the families take a selfie, friends jam over their favourite songs and solo travellers discovering new lands. Walking through these compartments are one of the most sought after choices for long-haul train journey in India.

If you are in India, train journeys are the must-do activities.

  • Communication is the key:
    When I travel alone, I make it a point that I interact with at the least one person travelling in the same boogie  (compartment) as I do or shares the same seat lining as mine. This is the best possible way to hear out stories, learn new life lessons, gain knowledge about some subject that may interest you. Interact with those travellers (and be safe, not to spill in too much information)


Train Journey in India

Tunnel Travel | Image Credits: Travel India

  • Be a book-worm:
    Books are my ultimate saviour, I prefer carrying a book or two, as I intend to finish the entire book in one seating. Books like ‘Into the wild’ and ‘Eat,Pray,Love’ are the kind of books that will totally quench your thirst for wanderlust. I somehow have an inclined affinity towards Indian Authors like Ruskin Bond, Durjoy Datta and Arundati Roy. I hope you find your fun-book from these.


  • Be a PANDA, Just Sleep:
    I am a bear, I can sleep for months and if we are on the same page – you can too. If you know there is nothing that’s good enough to keep you entertained, then just lay back, close your eyes and sleep.

See you guys soon travelling and experiencing a fun-filled train journey in India. Make the most of it as it sure as hell will be the best of your travel journeys ever.

Train Journey in India

Sunset and Trains | Image Credits: HB Stay Solutions.

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Until then, Happy Travelling To You.



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    July 27, 2016 at 6:47 PM

    I had my fair share of train journeys through India….damn some of them were…hard to handle! Great tips darling 🙂 enjoying your blog alot!

    • Reply
      Nikita Raikwar
      July 27, 2016 at 6:56 PM

      I being an Indian and living in India can totally understand how unbearable it is sometimes to travel through train especially a long haul one in India.. thank you for your valuable comments 🙂

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