Travelling : 7 Reasons why you should!


I frequently ponder on my thoughts trying to understand the nature of our minds, understand travel as a life journey and find relevance in the presence, get some information about the significance of life and if there is a particular implementation that can be applied to each of us. Having to arrive at this conclusion that for me life is about having the same number of various arrangement of encounters this life permits me to have. Everyone out there needs to take out time for travelling and why not? why waste time over your 9 to 5 when at the end of the day all you think of is conquering the world, travelling through the borders, living a life of your dreams

What’s sitting at the foundation of so much that we do wrong in this world? Partiality, lack of awareness and fanaticism. How can this perspective show in us? By being separate, lacking compassion, permitting ourselves to be just acquainted with our minimal corner of the world. A remedy? Travel. When you inspire yourself out of your customary range of familiarity and take the opportunity to truly see an alternate society, you begin to taste at the cure of life’s noxious states of mind. Travelling opens you to alternate points of view, encounters, history, society, religions and at last, a superior self.

Here are a few reasons that made me realize why Travelling is Important:

1. To end up less unmindful:

I’ve never left far from an outing, without an assumption, a bias, totally broke. Regardless of how hard we attempt, we just know how to trust, think and act inside of the parameters of what we’ve been taught. So in spite of the fact that we might attempt to go into another society with what we believe is a receptive outlook, we can leave acknowledging exactly how shut it really was. You don’t know until you’re instructed. What’s more, the most ideal approach to teach yourself about another society, religion, another nations governmental issues or lifestyle, is by putting yourself comfortable spot.


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2. Finding Your True Personality:

Travelling can be awesome for self revelation, confronting your apprehensions and understanding your shrouded potential. It can likewise help in revaluation of our needs in life. In life we are either stressed over our past or on edge about our future. We are never in the present. It helps you in welcoming the present minute for what it is. Travelling is the most ideal method for breaking your schedule.

3. Developing The Bond With Our Family:

It helps in developing our bond, our association with our relatives, our companions. We all have our most loved occasions and outings that we will always remember. It helps in making brilliant recollections together .With cutting edge innovation you can remember your occasions the same number of times as you need. There are such a large number of affection stories that happen amid travelling. Who knows you may very well locate a suitable match, your perfect partner, the individual you are intended to be with during your travels.


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4. Extending Our Awareness:

Travelling helps you in extending your mindfulness and acquaints you with an extraordinary differences of individuals. Travel helps you in producing sympathy and empathy for everybody. It helps in evacuating all the predispositions, preferences that we all create in our every day life. In life we tend to section individuals as per their race, nationality and so forth. Travelling helps in uprooting every one of the generalizations. It improves you an and more finish individual.

5. Finding out About Different Cultures:

travelling is one of the most ideal approaches to edify yourself about various societies. You get the chance to find out around another spot. It’s way of life, it’s conventions, it’s history. One may significantly experience another dialect. They also get the chance to find out about the various types of expressions and specialties connected with that place.


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6. So you don’t have an existence of disappointments:

Okay, I end up slipping by into otherworldly travel blogger mode, however I can’t help it. I’ve been through this, I’ve carried on with an existence I wasn’t content with and through awesome exertion rolled out improvements so I could be cheerful. I see innumerable others, a significant number of them my companions, who don’t do this and stroll through existence with a sack loaded with second thoughts. “I wish I could”, “that would be pleasant,” and “it’s too hard,” are their go-to expresses and every one is a cop-out.

I’m a firm devotee to the way that in the event that you need anything in life, on the off chance that you buckle sufficiently down you can get it going. The vast majority would prefer not to put in that work however. This doesn’t need to mean an epic, around the globe journey for self-edification. It’s as straightforward as going by any new place, however visit it you should. The advantages are an excess of and the dangers excessively incredible, making it impossible to overlook that siren call of travel

7. Get closer to your own roots:

While one travels and encounters a variety of societies and practices, it unquestionably conveys one closer to his or her own roots. Travel offers one some assistance with appreciating one’s personality and society.

Travelling is important. It is the key to life, its is essential, it is about encounters. They can happen as far as society, individuals, puts yet in particular with ones own self and this was about the distinctive routes in which Travelling can transform you.

These life lessons are worth to ponder upon and I can, without any doubt, say that I am obsessed with travelling. Also, if you are looking forward to travelling in the month of March, look no further as India is the place to be.

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    Feer Vega
    February 10, 2016 at 12:09 PM

    Such a beautiful post! This summer I’m traveling alone for the first time and I’m REALLY excited! 🙂 x

    • Reply
      Nikita Raikwar
      February 10, 2016 at 12:16 PM

      Solo Travels are the best way to understand yourself as a person! Go about it! I’m pretty sure you will love it ! Wish you luck 🙂

  • Reply
    July 5, 2016 at 7:29 PM

    Traveling has always been my passion!!! The best way of spending my money. I’m an observer, so imagine that it is really exciting for me to arrive in a new country and see all the new things, hear different language, eat different food! And yes, solo travels are the best, totally agree… When I traveled alone in the past I had time to do what I wanted to do and stop where I wanted to stop for as long as I wanted to. Now that I travel with my boyfriend it has changed a lot – we’re not into the same things…

    • Reply
      Nikita Raikwar
      July 5, 2016 at 8:12 PM

      Wow. Happy to hear that. Yes, when i travel with my man it’s way different for me too

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