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    #7 Ways to Make Your Holiday in Jakarta Unforgettable!


    Jakarta is remarkably good-natured as compared to other capitals of the world and there are plenty of surprises for the tourists beneath the unappealing facade of high-rises and the maddening traffic. One of the world’s greatest megalopolises happens to be among the most popular tourist destinations across the world. The city is filled with unexpected joys and corners. Get your hotel booking done from a reliable dealer to land the best holiday deals and packages. Fairmont Jakarta is a popular hotel among the vacationers. Get ready for a great holiday and trip to Indonesia.


    Fairmont Jakarta

    Here are some ways to make your Jakarta holiday a memorable one:

    • Try the public transport

    If you really want to experience the local culture, then try the public transport to feel like a real local. You can pick from mikrolet, motorbike taxi, bus, taxi, Bajaj or a metromini. You can easily melt in with the traffic when you try the public transport in Jakarta. While it may not be the best or pleasant experience, you will certainly enjoy a great learning experience and make a big difference to your holiday.

    • TMII

    Translated as the Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park, TMII lies on the eastern part of the city. This is an interesting place hitch is a miniature of Indonesia to learn Indonesian culture. Ride the cable car to enjoy the breathtaking scenery from above. Explore the different museums in the area that are worth visiting.

    • Dunia Fantasi

    Dunia is a huge complex with the beach and probably the biggest amusement park in Indonesia. Spend the whole day playing around in Dufan and this is like a dream come true which keeps you away from the busyness of Jakarta.


    Have a super fun day with your family and friends.

    • Jalan Surabaya

    Jalan Surabaya

    If you love antique stuff, then you must walk down Surabaya Street that is filled with stores selling antiques. However, be careful what you buy as not all stuff is original or antique and some of them are made recently as antiques.

    • Try different cuisines

    There are just so many restaurants, café and bars in Jakarta that you will remain spoilt for choices. Apart from the Indonesian food, there is a lot of variety in Indian food, Lebanese food, Greek food, Italian food and much more. Tiro Street No. 4 and Lara Djongrang Restaurant are highly recommended.

    • Enjoy the night

    Jakarta Nightlife

    Jakarta is a city that never sleeps and offers a charm of its own in the evening. The skyline glitters with millions of lights. The nightclubs and bars are always full and busy. Do not miss the chance to experience nightlife in Jakarta.

    • Go to the malls

    There are just too many malls in Jakarta. The days when you feel you do not have much to do, just go to the famous malls such as Grand Indonesia Mall, or the ITC, Thamrincity, Tanah Abang. Tanah Abang is the right location for those looking for a lot of different fabrics.


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