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    5 Travel Blogs: My Favorite Travel Inspirations

    Travel Blogs

    Hi guys, I hope you all are having a wonderful 2016. I can’t believe we are on the verge of completing seven WHOLE months of 2016, already. Anyway, I thought of letting you all know what and who INSPIRES me to write and travel, Why I love to write about it and WHY am I always looking out for sharing my inspirations with you lovely people. So, here’s my quick rundown on my favourite travel blogs by popular popular travel bloggers across the world.

    Catch some coffee, cause this is going to be an amazing post, WINK WINK!

    • World Of Wanderlust :

      Brooke Sawards - World Of Wanderlust

      Brooke Sawards – World Of Wanderlust

      When I first started out as a travel blogger, I was pretty much confused, I didn’t know what to do and how! I came across an article on the internet. Then, I came across the same article on another website and again, again and again! I happen to realize there’s this post about Brooke Sawards doing the rounds on the internet. SHE WAS VIRAL, at the tender age of 23 (Or 21 maybe, I don’t recollect, but she was YOUNG when she started). Yes, this girl spoke about her sparkled travel diaries through WOW – World of Wanderlust and how she managed to get paid to do so. It was all a dream to me, and that’s when ST – Sane Tripper took birth. So, I definitely need to thank her for that LOL!

    • A Broken Backpack:


      Melissa Giroux - A Broken Backpack

      Melissa Giroux – A Broken Backpack

      If at all I need to thank another person who taught me THE ULTIMATE SOCIAL MEDIA HACKS! It has got to be Mel Giroux! This lady from Australia, happens to inspire every cell in me to travel, every time I run into her blog! Mel came up with a community on Facebook, known as “THE BROKEN BACKPACK COMMUNITY” for Travel Bloggers across the globe – to connect with, gain blog insights and help each other in growing as a travel blogger. The one and the only reason why I instantly fell in love with this woman is her inspiration towards building the community. I was delighted to see someone who consider blogging as a community more than a competition! I totally love you for the Community!

    • Alex  In Wanderland:


      Alex from Alex In Wanderland

      Alex from Alex In Wanderland

      So, the first time I came across the blog, I said to myself, “WOW, That’s a unique name and I definitely need something similar to this. Alex has been a wonderful person in my life. Well, not on a personal note, but I feel so much connected to her whenever I read her travel diaries and that’s something I think counts for a good writer. Oh wait, there’s more – she has the most beautiful Instagram feed and YES – she herself is a really B-E-A-U-TIFUL Person, in and out!

    • Drifter Planet:


      Travel Blogs

      Sonal & Sandro – Drifter Planet


    My two favourite bunch of people I love to interact with are Sonal and Sandro – They make up to be the best couple travelling across the world and their stories inspire me so much. The one reason why I definitely visit their blog on a frequent basis is their love and fervor added to the articles in whole. My favourite out of their bunch of articles is certainly the Myanmar Trip they took. Also, Sonal and I share two things in common – We are Indians and WE LOVE TO TRAVEL! No wonder I love hearing out her stories or simply catching up with a wander-lusting gossip on FB, Wink !

    Liesbeth - Lili's Travel Plans

    Liesbeth – Lili’s Travel Plans

    Liesbeth has been my favourite person, since the time I interviewed her on my blog – initiating another category of writing to my travel blog – INTERVIEW. Lili has a series of beautiful travel stories that add up as memories to her travels. I love how she encountered someone appreciating her beauty and how she managed to skilfully pen it down on her blog. What I most like about Lili is her dedication towards travel. Her work life resonates so much to mine. A full-time worker who has a team to handle, also manages to take time off and travel – well that’s kind of me and is totally LILI!  I love you, my friend!

    What are you guys waiting for? Comment below your favourite travel blogs, so that I can maybe add them in my reading list for the future 🙂

    Go ahead and look at these lovely blogs to cherish the wanderer in you. Also, if you happen to like the post – don’t forget to give me a thumbs up.  And if you really really liked it, then you have got to click on that subscribe button (ON THE RIGHT SIDEBAR)

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